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We have been some feeling of autumn recently around here.  A light chill in the air, a shorter day with the arrival of mister night earlier then a few weeks ago, havest time slowly starting at the farms, and the swimming pool that is getting cooler (not to say colder…).

But before we let go of summer, we wanted to enjoy it a little more, and see it’s splendor.

We went to a favorite spot of ours, a field of lavander that is not so far aways from our home.

It is always a pleasure to go and picnic over there amongst the bumblebees

and the delicate smell of lavander.

It was Pumpkin’s first outing, and although we usually try to push this as far as possible not to carry him around while he is still tiny, this place is such a haven and a delight for the eyes, the nose and the soul that he actually seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

I can see myself years from now (when I have a lot more sleep into me…) just lounging into a place like that and just look enjoy the view.

in the meantime…I shall keep myself busy with my 3 loves.


which was much needed.

I have been very busy trying to get ready for homeschooling, and preparing everything for the olders once the baby gets here.  I can feel a shift in my mood recently where I feel like it is time to plan and get ready for the newer…  I think this shift is happening all by itself while I find myself being more and more ready as far as work and projects for DD and DS.

I can certainly feel the nesting effect slowly starting to make it’s way in my daily activity.  I have been cleaning, and rearranging, and sorting, and purging…although maybe the arrival of spring has something to do with it…

A quick trip to Ikea really helped to ease the effect for a few days, but really that is it.  I can feel it coming full force again today

I am also feeling strongly drawn back to my first loves as far as creating (although making Montessori material is fun, I still have a deeper love for knitting and sewing…).  I got out the scarf I have been working on for a while, that was *almost* forgotten in my WIP drawer.

And while that, the kids have the time to rediscover their barn and have a few minutes to just let their imagination run wild.

But I can see that toys is not their thing.  They like the real world, learning about everything, touching everything, making art projects.  Untoys are still much more interesting to them, and have always been. And I don’t have to look very far to find them some material.  They find it by themselves, and create whatever they want to with it.

They have a sweet spot for this farm, but I think they do because they have been on a farm a couple of time, able to help, touch, see, and this is what makes it interesting.  In fact, DS was commenting this morning that there are no farm persons to go with the farm…  Good things his b-day is comming.

Unfortunatly though, the end of semester is almost here.  And I can see that the next few weeks will be really crazy with corrections mostly.  So this pause in time before the end rush is a necessary balance, and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can until I no longer can…

As far as I can remember, I have never seen an Easter being so hot.

It was incredibly hot, and yet, there were still some spots of ice in my swimming pool…how weird was that.  That allowed us to do a first round of BBQ in the backward, which was absolutely delish.  At some point, we even had to try to find shade, because the sun was just so darn hot.  But we enjoyed nontheless, but had to be careful that the chocolate, for the easter hunt, would not melt (a problem I never anticipated before…)

And of course, some artwork is always a good way to end an egg hunt…

I hope you had a lovely easter, whatever you did, and whatever the temperature was…