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and yet, here I am starting pumpkin’s blanket…

granted, it is organic coton, but still, it is awckward kinda to have some fiber running through my fingers when it is 30 degrees outside, and I am sweating hot sitting in my chair… Details to come when this thing starts to take shape


I cannot beleive it.  The never ending end of semester is basically over.  I have one little thing that I have to get over with, and this will be it.  It was about time I must say, as my concentration has completely shift elsewhere a few days ago, when I realized that my DD’s b-day was a month away, and thus our little pumpkin is going to be here in a month and a half!!!! :O

Finishing all thise correction has given me some time to red a bit more.  I missed that so much.  I went through 2 very interesting book

The first one is the Unschooling handbook

is has been on my shelves for quite some time, but I just never got the time to really read it.  I finally did, and I am glad I took the time to.

Unschooling is a category of homeschooling.  The approch is that instead of having a predetermined curriculum, you let the child follow his interest…Basically, the basis for this is : FOLLOW THE CHILD…how could I not love this book?  The author stress that the parent is a guide, a facilitator, helping the child be able to teach himself, or guiding him to find ways to get the teaching he wants.  Remind any Montessorian of anything?

After reading a very interesting post from What did we do all day about the difficulties of homeschooling and the Montessori approch, I have been pondering on this topic as well.  I can see that indeed, providing a Montessroi environement in a home setting will not be the same as what my son experience when he goes to his preschool.  I wondered for a while if the purchase of a premade curriculum wouldn’t help me have some kind of a structure to help me go through what we have to and give me ideas of themes and activities to do between the work.  But as much as this thought was reassuring, it was also scary as heck, because I could see the amount of preparation to be done beforehand, and what if this is not in the timing where the kids are into this?

This is where this book, and these ideas becomes of so interesting to me.  YOu follow the lead of the child.  Follow his interest, follow what he wants to learn.  And I don’t see this being so far away from Montessori.  You let the child take the lead, and the responsability for his education.  I like the spontanianity this creates, and the feeling of endless possibilities.  I think I will be able to combine both, the Montessori approch, but in an unschooling setting.  If the kids wants to go and learn with the material so be it, but if they are drawn to something else, I will follow them.

With the summer coming, I also see a little bit of Waldorf sprouting out in our days.  Days working outside, playing with rocks, branches, and yet exploring the nature around them.

Summer is so much easier with children.  Granted, I am a summer girl…I LOVE summer, and despise winter.  BUt the endless possibilities in summer, being able to get out without having to put on 3 layers of clothing, being to eat outside, to just roll on the grass and explore the many bugs, insect, plants, flowers, being able to have fresh air coming in the house it is all  just the best.

I cannot wait to see how all of this will unfold.  THis year will be the one where we officially decide on how we will go about schooling for the next few years.  I have a few more things I want to read before officially making my mind up, and yet so many things to prepare.  The Montessori aproch will be used to some extend.  But I can feel that unschooling will also be used.

I am currently finishing this book:

and OMG, this fits perfectly with what I have been seeing in the last few years while being a teacher.  I so agree with many things said, I am so living many of the examples that are given.  I am happy to see that my viwes of the current school are shared with others, and that I am not completely out of it.  But this definetly doesn’t put me in favor of sending my kids to a public school any time soon.

you just need to get yourself some flowers for all the moments you feel you deserve some and don’t get any…

And it has been so cloudy lately, that I couldn,t even get enough natural light to take this shot without the pop up flash that I hate so much…

There is something that is so comforting in flowers and craft books, even in the toughest week.  Thus I putted this right in front of my bed.

I wasn’t sure how this would happen.  After trying once last summer, he knew that he wasn’t ready.  And when we asked him if he wanted to try again without the small wheels this year, he was rather hesitant. But he came back home from running errands with his daddy with a brand new bike, with no extra wheels, and all ready to try it up.

Truthfully, I was already getting out the first aid kit, when DH came back home telling me that he had done it…while still being in one piece.  He was as amazed as I was to see that he made the jump so fast, and that he just got it.

Ever since, DS asks daily to go out biking.  And I see him getting better and better.  After learning how to break (whihc was a must considering at first he would just throw himself off the bike!) and getting better at really mastering his own bike, he even got the chance to go on a ride with his dad around the  block.  You should have seen then smile on his face when he got back home.  A smile of contentment, of proudness.

Sring has sprung here and I can see it’s color everywhere…

From the growing green grass to the burgeoning flowers

and even in DD’s hair.

Summer is slowly making it’s way, and so baby that is making its presence being felt!  Nesting effect is full force now…Only a week to go before the craziness tames down, and I finally find the time to get ready for him. Patience is a virtue that I get to practice daily…

Until then. 🙂