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this morning, as I was about to have a fit with DD’s shade that didn’t want to pull up properly, I saw this (after receiving the said shade on the head  because it fell on me…) through the window.  I took the kids out for a minute and we just looked at the pink violet sky that lay over us.

I got a quick and powerful reminder that happiness really is in the littlest things, things that goes unnoticed if we don’t take the time to stop (or to be stopped by a falling shade…)


have a great day!


We have been some feeling of autumn recently around here.  A light chill in the air, a shorter day with the arrival of mister night earlier then a few weeks ago, havest time slowly starting at the farms, and the swimming pool that is getting cooler (not to say colder…).

But before we let go of summer, we wanted to enjoy it a little more, and see it’s splendor.

We went to a favorite spot of ours, a field of lavander that is not so far aways from our home.

It is always a pleasure to go and picnic over there amongst the bumblebees

and the delicate smell of lavander.

It was Pumpkin’s first outing, and although we usually try to push this as far as possible not to carry him around while he is still tiny, this place is such a haven and a delight for the eyes, the nose and the soul that he actually seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

I can see myself years from now (when I have a lot more sleep into me…) just lounging into a place like that and just look enjoy the view.

in the meantime…I shall keep myself busy with my 3 loves.

We had to take care of the plants this weekend,and the kids happily followed us in the garden to help us out.  But their attention was caught not long after we started by this little fellow:

and so our precious help kinda became busy elsewhere…

And our gardening day soon became a day of exploration of nature, and zoology.

She was facinated with this little creature, and wanted to just follow it around all afternoon long.  She touched it, looked under it, moved it around to the best location she could find for it, and even gave it water (!).

What better lesson of zoology/ care of the insect could I give then this?