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are in he work:

this vest is for my 3 month old nephew.  And beleive it or not, this vest was knitted with the 12 month sizing.  He is BIG.  REALLY BIG.  I am actually hoping that it will still fit on Christmas!!


This is the Milo vest, a pattern I found on Ravelry.  And after seeing what the talented Kyrie did with this pattern, it sold me.

It was a good opportunity to give a first try to cables.  I liked it actually.  I surely will try this again.  But this was the perfect project to try, since the pattern was on a small scale.

Of course, this thing need BLOCKING as you can see.

Today, we have been working on on advent calendar… I need to go and get some furniture to finish the project before the weekend.

Have a great WIP wednesday!


THis morning we woke up to this:

Peanut was all excited when he opened his curtain.  “SNOW!” he shouted, and then he realized that it was frost and fog.  He was a little decieved, and yet at the same time hopefull, because these signs just SHOUTS winter is coming.

And we have been feeling it for a while, although the lovely weekend we had almost made me forget.  But yet, all my actions are unconciously directed in preparing the house for winter, nesting in basically.  Yesterday, I had an unexplanable urge to clean some cupbord in the kitchen, and get rid of the last plastic piece that were remaining (we are finally plastic free!!!), and today, I have so many plans in my head to get the house bettre, more livable, more welcoming and comfortable, I couldn’t possibily all fit them in a month’s time.  But, I still took the time, on my way back to driving Peanut to school, to stop and take the time to shoot some of these amazing scenes.

Rhythm, we always try to achieve it, but somehow, it is already there, deep down in ourselves.  Without realizing it, we live by the seasons, and do thing that might seem so random to us, that we do not consider them to be part of a rhythm per se.  But I think this exactly what it is.  And if we just follow ourselves, our reaction, our instinct, rhythm sneak up on ourselves.  We are being of repetition and routine.  We have always been, and we will always be.  No wonder why children strive this so much.

Peanut and Pea were given the opportunity to play with a pretend kitchen not so long ago.  And unsurprizigly, they loved it.  When I am cooking, they usually are by my side, or at least, not too far away to be able to participate in the process

you get the idea… 😉

When we came back home, I started to think some way to have some kind of a kitchen for them.  I didn’t want to go ahead and buy anything, I wanted something that could be made out of what we had.  Recycling and repurpusing is very dear to us.  And one morning, I found it.

We were about to give a way a buffet.  Both DH and I hate it, and we were not able to find a spot for it into the house.  So I took the head off, luckily, it was the same dimension then an old table that we kept downstairs for the kids to play with.  It was a perfect match.  I used some pots and pans we had in our kitchen that we were not using anymore.  Got them 6 wooden eggs, and a couple of wooden veggies, and the rest is history.  This things gets LOADS of love…daily

Sorry there is very little light where the kitchen is and so it was difficult to get a good and clear shot if it.

with some flash (and Pea cooking an omlette)

the best toys are definetly free!

I have been browsing for a while to find a one piece pattern for a pinafore.

I love pinafore.  They cover a dirty shirt, and just give some pizzaz to an outfit.

After looking, and looking some more, I stumbled upon this which came out of this book.  I checked at Amazon, to find a used copy that was 0.01$.  Yes, you read well…I thought that there would be some kind of preoblem with it to be so cheap, that some masters would be missing or something, but hey, what not give it a try?  And so I did.


After our daily trip to the PO, I received this:

it is in mint shape.  The pages are clean, the binding is strong, no turned corner…and all the masters ARE there 🙂

I got the pattern I wanted:


and a bonus I never thought I would have.  I was looking for a pilot cap pattern, and guess what :


all the patterns looks easy, they are well explained, this is by far, my best find this month!


After a few cold week, and even a full proportion snow storm (that I wasn,t ready for, mentally, or physically)  Mother Nature decided to indulge us with a few day of really great weather.  Some sun, and higher temperature made the last days really enjoyable.

Just right by our house, there is a small forest, a patch of wood, left untouch by the city, to our delight, must I add…And since it had been a while since we had the time to go, we all decided that this day was perfect for a walk there.

I shall say no more, a picture is worth a 1000 words…






What better way to celebrate autumn then to play with fallen leaves:

We used branches to make a leave pile that was ginormous to use Peanut’s words… and then, everybody jumped in


Pea hiding in the leaves:

And we ended our walk by playing on some trees trunk

The weather was beautiful yesterday, and so we decided to head up north to my father’s place for the day.  After a very good lunch, he suggested to go and have a walk around a near by pond where there are usually many ducks.  I was rather unsure that the ducks would still be there since the weather has changed drastically, but decided to go nontheless.  We were plesently surprised at our arrival


They were still around, much to the delight of both Peanut and Pea, as well as my goddaughter that was with us