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We have been some feeling of autumn recently around here.  A light chill in the air, a shorter day with the arrival of mister night earlier then a few weeks ago, havest time slowly starting at the farms, and the swimming pool that is getting cooler (not to say colder…).

But before we let go of summer, we wanted to enjoy it a little more, and see it’s splendor.

We went to a favorite spot of ours, a field of lavander that is not so far aways from our home.

It is always a pleasure to go and picnic over there amongst the bumblebees

and the delicate smell of lavander.

It was Pumpkin’s first outing, and although we usually try to push this as far as possible not to carry him around while he is still tiny, this place is such a haven and a delight for the eyes, the nose and the soul that he actually seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

I can see myself years from now (when I have a lot more sleep into me…) just lounging into a place like that and just look enjoy the view.

in the meantime…I shall keep myself busy with my 3 loves.


from tonight’s prayer:

“…and I thank you for my beautiful little brother that you send me on my birthday.  I love him very much.”

Instant mother’s heartmelt guarenteed…

I started reading this book a few days before Pumpkin’s arrival.

It is a Waldorf oriented book about infancy.  Having read Montessori from the start at the arrival of Pea, I wanted to see the Waldorf intake about child rearing in the first few days.

Overall, the book was interesting.  It contains views that  both really made sense, and that I have always applied with my  newborns, but also ideas that I had never heard before, and that are not part of my own personnal “culture” (not having been brought up with the Waldorf principles) , but that had me meditating a lot upon.

I am always in awestruck when I see really young babies in a really crowded environment like the grocery store or the shopping mall.  If those places have ME feeling overwhelmed sometimes, I can just imagine that a newborn just out of the womb environment must be feeling!  So this idea of really protecting the senses of my newborn as long as possible by not putting him in contact with mecanical noise, and bringing him where there is a lot of people (and thus noise) is just something that is completely natural to me.  I have to admit that I was extra careful this time though, a lot more then I was with Pea and Peanut, spending a lot of time babymooning alone with Pumpkin in my room.  I did have to bring him at the osteopath for nursing issues, but this place is such a haven of peace that he did not have to go through the hussle of a typical  waiting room.  I don’t know if that 4 weeks that we just spent really made a difference to him, but it sure did for me.  Having this time of peace, and surrounding my son with peace, quiet, calm really made ME feel peaceful and calm.

The book also stresses the importance of warmth, choosing adequate colors for the baby to see and a beautiful and peaceful room.  Warmth was a little hard to deal with, as we have been in a really hot patch of summer.  I tried to stick to the hat idea all the time, but Pumkin was not impressed at first.  I finally found a Ruskovilla silk hat that he can live with (most of the time…)

it is a little pricy, but at least, he keeps it on!

I got out my lambskin, something that I have since Pea’s arrival, but that I did not use to it’s entire potential with Him and Peanut.  We have been using it a lot this time.  Pumpkin sleeps on it, and I also use it to put him aside us when he is awake.  THis time around, I wouldn’t trade this for anything else.  And neither would he 😉

Pumpkin sleeping on his lambskin in an antique cradle that my great grand father 
made for his family.

Still on the topic of warmth, I cannot say how happy to have made this blanket for him.  It is perfect in every aspect.  I really hope he keeps it as his security blanket for a long time.

I also was more mindful about colors.  It was harder though since we do not have a room for him per se.  So I didn’t get to decorate a room for this newborn.  I must admit that I missed that.  But on the upside, I got to keep him in our room, something that we didn’t do wth the other, DH not being totally on this idea. Cosleeping really is the best and easiest way to deal with a newborn.  And I cannot say how I enjoyed having him by my side, in my arms  all the time.  But back to colors, I used a mauvish voile in our window, that really let the daylight shine through.  I have to admit tht it does create a a peaceful atmosphere, something that I wasn’t as aware with the other 2.  But I wasn’t fond of the idea of putting a silk over the baby’s bed.  I’d rather put the silk right at the window.  THis is something I would do again with another baby.

I have also been really mindful for a while now when buying clothes and things for my children not to get branded, logoed, bright colored.  I am also really careful of tags, material or comfort of the clothes.  I cannot stand something that is itchy, so why would my kids?  But can I say how HARD it is to find neutral, comfy clothes that fits in all those requirements?  Thank god for knitted longies and home made kimonos…

I was not completely in tune with the topic of diapers in this book.  We are EC’ing, and I know that it might not be totally in league with Waldorf.  But I feel good responding to my child’s signals wheter it is for food or for elimination.  We got a puddle pad that I lanolised and that does a wonderful job at keep him dry and comfy while he is out of diapers.  I love this!  We are also using cloth diapers, prefolds have always been a favorite here, for their ease of use, and cleaning.  For night, I have always loved Disana’s tie nappies and Diasana wool covers. This time is no exceptions…

There are things though that really putted me off in that book, mostly the part about breastfeeding.  I felt like it was not in league with AP.  But as with everything, you have to take what works for you and your family, and leave the rest.

So overall, I enjoyed this book.  It gave me food for thoughts on many topics, things that we have already integrated in many ways.

I am just in love.  With every single square inch of this little man.

Back to toe kissing…

Finally.  He is in our arms, and I am so madly in love with him.

I never thought that you could still be amazed and completely shaken by the arrival of a thrid child.  I guess the heart always have space for a new baby, for more love.

I could spend all day just looking at him, and just be intoxicated by his newborn smell.  And yet, I feel sad that this is our last one.  I have truly found myself in becoming a mom, a much unanticipated surprise for me, but I have found that this is where I find the most rewards, where I really feel like I have a purpose, which is not something I would have thought when I was younger or going through school.

He is simply adorable, and just lovable.  I know I will miss this newborn stage, and how fast it goes.  I try to take it all in, even more then I ever did beofre, just to make sure that I will never forget.

I already miss his kicks, and movements, but I am glad that I can see them now, and just feel his skin, see his beautiful face smell this heavenly smell of the newborn.  I don’t know how I will make myself to the idea of this being the last one.  Seeing so many people around me being pregnant really remind me daily that this beautiful pahse of my life is over.  And I can help but ask myself : what is left after that?

I will truly miss the intense and most exilirating moment of life where after a long labor, you finally get to meet this new little person.  This must be the best feeling I have ever experienced, and I got the chance to live it 3 times.

I have to concentrate on what is ahead of me, and cherish these moments in my heart, in the hope that it will make me a better parent when the times are harder to go by.

Looking at him now, makes me realize how easy it is to forget.  Our 3yo and 5yo also were, at one point this tiny, and yet, now they seem suddenly so big.  But inside them, there is still this tiny newborn that we have cherished and contemplated over, even when things don’t go the way we want, when they are sad or mad…and THAT is sometimes hard to remember.

I have vowed this time to truly enjoy this last little one, and to never forget:  the feelings I have and the moments we share with him.  He will grow, like the others, but I just don’t want to forget.