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AnD we finally have internet access! 🙂

After a very busy and crazy month of november, we are finally at our new house, in the process of making it our new home.

Stay tune for a tour soon!


“Stop buying unnecessary things. Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness. Reduce half again. List 4 essential things in your life, stop doing non-essential things. Do these essentials first each day, clear distractions focus on each moment. Let go of attachment to doing, having more. Fall in love with less.”

Clutter really is a silent killer.  It creeps up on you unoticed.  and you finally notice it when…you MOVE!  (and pack boxes)


I see this move as a very beneficial and cleansing process.  We are sorting out so much stuff, I feel like I am nesting again!  I cannot wait to be done, and live simpli-er then we used to.

Off to packing more boxes, that will, at any rate, be un-packed by the end of the day!  Moving with young kids is oh so much more exciting!


Well, I sure can say this morning that I do!

I was hoping for a relaxing weekend, and it has been nothing like that!  After finally putting the kids to bed, Dh and I thought we would have a little time on our own.  But the phone rang, and it was nothing we were expecting.

A real estate agent was calling, because she was looking for a house in our area for sale, and ours meet ALL the criterias her client was looking for.  We agreed for a showing the following day at 1 o’clock, and 1 hour later, we had an offer on the table, with a closing date of novembre 20th!

So we spend all weekend trying to find a new home.

We started looking in this town a little far away, the one we were planning to move to for our kid’s sake, and also to bring me closer to my job.  But I have been having a feeling that was wrong about this.  It was a logical decision, and on paper everything made sense.  But something had been bugging me.  We looked, but found nothing, and somehow I was releived.  But I still thought that was the logical and good thing to do.  I went to bed saturday, asking god to tell me waht to do.  I got my answer at 3 am.  When I woke up, I talked to Dh about my new plan, one that deep down inside, I felt better about, and after being done rolling his eyes at my new 180 degree turn about our plan, were got going.  We printed some inscription, including one that I really liked.  We called for a showing, and when we arrived, we were told that the asking price had dropped by 20 000$ and the decision had been taken an hour earlier.  So the house was not available for other realtors to see until the new asking price was officialised.  So that left us time to make an offer, and have our offer accepted before the house reappered on the market.  Talk about timing!  There has been sevral calls since, but it is too late 🙂  We only have to go through the inspection, and then this new house is ours to make a home in!

I really feel like this was meant to be.  The stars aligned for this (absolutely crazy fast) decision.  And now that it is all done, I can see how there is a master plan behind this.  I have been asking for long to be able to provide to my family a good home, and the best life we can: being home often together, having a home we feel good in, and a schooling method that I agree upon for my children.  I have stuggled, a lot in the recent years, about my job, my calling as a professional and a mother,  but all these struggles seems to be paying off now, and they also seem to have been  wisely organised by faith, God, or call it what you want.  THings are all falling in place, and what I asked for, although it does not seem exactly like I pictured, are arriving in their own way.

I think faith really do exist as long as you have an open mind, and that you really believe.

Thank you for the good lucks, I guess they really paied off.

And now, stay tune for some real homemaking 🙂

And you, do you believe in faith?