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Of course, having just about finished to unpacked most of the boxes, we have not yet had the time to prepare for Christmas.  Well, at least, not as usual.  And since we are already December 7th, we don’t have much more time to do the usual activities that we do around Christmastime.


We finally managed to FIND our Christmas boxes, and go through a few things.  And after digging through, the kids found this town set we have, but have not used in the past few years.  They obviously thought this was the greatest discovery ever.

So for the remainer of the crazy day we had yesterday (our first snowstorm of the year, and a good one!) we all enjoyed a much neede peaceful moment while  they happily played with this little town, creating tons of Christmas stories and of course, selling and buying their houses to one another!

and guess what mama was able to do while all those transaction took place?

My guess is this had instantly become a new Christmas tradition for years to come


Well, I have NO idea how I managed that, but between baths, night routine, boxed being packed and all the craziness going around here, I managed to ba able to do it all!  Knit a pumpkin hat, make finishing touched to costumes, and even fix a “horrible” dinner for Halloween night.

On the menu:

Snake marinated in a dragon tooth sauce, (i.e. CHicken marinated in olive oil and dijon mustard sauce)

toadstool tongue in a juice of squished spider (asparagus with marmelade)

purée of dragon brain (sweet potatoe and regular potatoe mashed)

and to top it off, cake a la dracula (i.e. pound cake with strawberry syrup on it)

it was delish!

As for the rest, here it is in images


this is how Halloween is spend when you are 3 months old…


The pumpkin fairy is about to pass around here.  I cannot wait to see the kid’s face tomorrow am.


I hope you are spending a spooky and happy Halloween!!


We have been in a celebrating mode since the weekend.  First, my nephew’s christening, and today was DD’s bday 🙂

It was a beautiful day full of activities and new and old traditions.

The new ones

Her crown that I managed to finish last night while listening to a Waldorf expo workshop!

She loved the crown, and waking up to this table.  I loved how it unfolded the day, and for sure this will be carried on to the following years!

The old traditions…family times

She wanted to go pick strawberries!

And then some quiet snuggle time

And a time to remember that she is still so little

But yet growing up…

And what better way to celebrate then with chocolate cake…and freshly picked strawberries 🙂

as well as new slippers

We ended up the day with the story of the Princess and the pea.  She was so tired that she almost fell asleep while I was reading.

I love how this day was a celebration, and yet at the same time a family time, and a peaceful time.  I felt like this day was breathing in and out, following a pattern…moving, and slowing down.  Nothing like the big birthday parties with favors and gift giving and overwhelming activities…and you know, I didn’t miss it a second.  And frankly, I don’t think DD missed it either 😉

As far as I can remember, I have never seen an Easter being so hot.

It was incredibly hot, and yet, there were still some spots of ice in my swimming pool…how weird was that.  That allowed us to do a first round of BBQ in the backward, which was absolutely delish.  At some point, we even had to try to find shade, because the sun was just so darn hot.  But we enjoyed nontheless, but had to be careful that the chocolate, for the easter hunt, would not melt (a problem I never anticipated before…)

And of course, some artwork is always a good way to end an egg hunt…

I hope you had a lovely easter, whatever you did, and whatever the temperature was…