Well, I have NO idea how I managed that, but between baths, night routine, boxed being packed and all the craziness going around here, I managed to ba able to do it all!  Knit a pumpkin hat, make finishing touched to costumes, and even fix a “horrible” dinner for Halloween night.

On the menu:

Snake marinated in a dragon tooth sauce, (i.e. CHicken marinated in olive oil and dijon mustard sauce)

toadstool tongue in a juice of squished spider (asparagus with marmelade)

purée of dragon brain (sweet potatoe and regular potatoe mashed)

and to top it off, cake a la dracula (i.e. pound cake with strawberry syrup on it)

it was delish!

As for the rest, here it is in images


this is how Halloween is spend when you are 3 months old…


The pumpkin fairy is about to pass around here.  I cannot wait to see the kid’s face tomorrow am.


I hope you are spending a spooky and happy Halloween!!



Friday morning, kids got up wayyyy too early for this mama.  Add this up with the kind of weather that even a duck woluldn’t want to go out in, and that was how my day was looking up.  So I decided that it was a good day for improvisation…on crafting.  But how do you craft with nothing?  Everything is packed up in boxes.  Well, my friends, let me tell you one thing, if I can do it, anybody can!


I suggested the kids that we were oing to decorate the house for Halloween.  Pea came up with the idea of making ghost.  So after searching the house for ghost material, we came up with an old window panel, some paper that we are using to pack the dishes in, and tape and thread.

Well, believe it or not, all of that, CAN make a ghost!

no, probably not the most glorious ghost you have seen in your life, I give you that, but certainly the one I even had more fun designing, (r at least the one that took less time) AND the one that cost the less!  The kids had fun doing those, and honnestly, it totally reminded me that crafting with nothing on hand, is way more fun then I could remember.

After seeing the production of ghost going a little out of hand, I had to find another plan to keep them occupy a little while longer.  I saw some black felt that was lying around, and that gave me my next idea…


I made a template, asked the kids to cut their bats from felt, and then decorate it with stars and golden glue.

They loved it.

we had fun creating the template on the moving paper, we loved having out work scatterred all over the table along with the ideas we threw on paper previously, and all the material that we had found.  Really, this felt like a crafting moment to us.

…and that kept them busy for me to finish the touches to my numerous (already started) halloween projects

THis one notably:

coming from a pattern I have found on ravelry, called 12:01, I knitted this amazingly huge pumpkin in abour 2 weeks.  They are a quick knit, but knitting this while trying to pack the rest of the house for a quick move, was not the best timing.  However, I still managed to finish on time, thanks to the previous bats…

they are still a little damp, I wonder if they will be ready for tomorrow.  But I have to say I am happy with the result.

I used: Cascade 220, in burned orange, and heathers in the shade of green.  Love the color combo.



I also have plaaned to make Pumpkin a pumkin hat, and THAT is not even on the needles yet, so I am looking forward to see how I am going to squeese this between 2 boxes…

I also have finishing touched to make to the costumes…so a lot of work on my already packed cratfting table.  The kitchen table is currently replacing 🙂

back to work!





this morning, as I was about to have a fit with DD’s shade that didn’t want to pull up properly, I saw this (after receiving the said shade on the head  because it fell on me…) through the window.  I took the kids out for a minute and we just looked at the pink violet sky that lay over us.

I got a quick and powerful reminder that happiness really is in the littlest things, things that goes unnoticed if we don’t take the time to stop (or to be stopped by a falling shade…)


have a great day!

“Stop buying unnecessary things. Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness. Reduce half again. List 4 essential things in your life, stop doing non-essential things. Do these essentials first each day, clear distractions focus on each moment. Let go of attachment to doing, having more. Fall in love with less.”

Clutter really is a silent killer.  It creeps up on you unoticed.  and you finally notice it when…you MOVE!  (and pack boxes)


I see this move as a very beneficial and cleansing process.  We are sorting out so much stuff, I feel like I am nesting again!  I cannot wait to be done, and live simpli-er then we used to.

Off to packing more boxes, that will, at any rate, be un-packed by the end of the day!  Moving with young kids is oh so much more exciting!


My first for my last 😉

My Grand mother taught me when I was about 8.  I loved doing that with her when I was a kid.  But events in our life had me stop a project whil it was on the needles, and forgot all a bout it. Longies have been the starting point of me knitting again (after finding that forgotten project still on the needles after my Grand ma passed away.)  And then, I have knitted tons of things in the last few years.  But I had not yet tackled shirts/cardigans.

I didn’t know what pattern to try first, and I ended up trying this one.  It was a good one to start with.  Fast knit, easy pattern, and really cute on it’s own

let alone on an adorable baby 😉

the only thing left is putting the buttons

and blocking the whole thing.

I used cascade eco yarn for this project.  I like it good enough, but I think I would have rather something with a little silk in it.  The eco yarn is very economical though, so definetly something to keep in mind!

off to make some boxes!

I have been needing something to get my mind off all of these events lately, and knitting is usually a good way to just let my mind rest.

I needed something easy to do, and yet fun, you know, mindless crafting.  The kids loves the result:

and truthfully, so do I!

Well, I sure can say this morning that I do!

I was hoping for a relaxing weekend, and it has been nothing like that!  After finally putting the kids to bed, Dh and I thought we would have a little time on our own.  But the phone rang, and it was nothing we were expecting.

A real estate agent was calling, because she was looking for a house in our area for sale, and ours meet ALL the criterias her client was looking for.  We agreed for a showing the following day at 1 o’clock, and 1 hour later, we had an offer on the table, with a closing date of novembre 20th!

So we spend all weekend trying to find a new home.

We started looking in this town a little far away, the one we were planning to move to for our kid’s sake, and also to bring me closer to my job.  But I have been having a feeling that was wrong about this.  It was a logical decision, and on paper everything made sense.  But something had been bugging me.  We looked, but found nothing, and somehow I was releived.  But I still thought that was the logical and good thing to do.  I went to bed saturday, asking god to tell me waht to do.  I got my answer at 3 am.  When I woke up, I talked to Dh about my new plan, one that deep down inside, I felt better about, and after being done rolling his eyes at my new 180 degree turn about our plan, were got going.  We printed some inscription, including one that I really liked.  We called for a showing, and when we arrived, we were told that the asking price had dropped by 20 000$ and the decision had been taken an hour earlier.  So the house was not available for other realtors to see until the new asking price was officialised.  So that left us time to make an offer, and have our offer accepted before the house reappered on the market.  Talk about timing!  There has been sevral calls since, but it is too late 🙂  We only have to go through the inspection, and then this new house is ours to make a home in!

I really feel like this was meant to be.  The stars aligned for this (absolutely crazy fast) decision.  And now that it is all done, I can see how there is a master plan behind this.  I have been asking for long to be able to provide to my family a good home, and the best life we can: being home often together, having a home we feel good in, and a schooling method that I agree upon for my children.  I have stuggled, a lot in the recent years, about my job, my calling as a professional and a mother,  but all these struggles seems to be paying off now, and they also seem to have been  wisely organised by faith, God, or call it what you want.  THings are all falling in place, and what I asked for, although it does not seem exactly like I pictured, are arriving in their own way.

I think faith really do exist as long as you have an open mind, and that you really believe.

Thank you for the good lucks, I guess they really paied off.

And now, stay tune for some real homemaking 🙂

And you, do you believe in faith?

Once you get the taste of the rewarding feeling of handmade, you can get easily hooked.  And toymaking is no exceptions.  I can spend hours looking at the most beautiful toys made by the Europeean compagnies, and truly they are absolutely magnificent and are a joy to own.  But they are also quite spendy, and truth be told, no matter how beautiful they are, they take space, and having too much is no better then having too much of something else, it does become clutter!  (Yes, you can clutter your house with beautiful Waldorf type toys!)

Peanut is really playing with her doll lately.  It is part of every day for her.  And she has been sleeping her in the most unsual little corner of our house:  the laundry basket, a bookshelf, in the pot cupboard…so it made me think that this wonderful doll of hers had no spaces of her own to sleep.  I pondered over getting a wooden bed, but finally choose to make something for her: it would cost less, and take less space, and well, would be made with mommy love.

I tried to get the best idea for this bed, and finally came up with something amazing!  A hammock.  We love hammocks here, and try to enjoy them as much as possible when the hotter seasons are around.  But why not treat her doll for an all year round hammock bed?

And so DD’s doll’s bed was created:

I made the hammock with some cascade yarn and gigantic needles (broomstick knitting anyone?).

I hung the hammock with a tree branch that we found in our yard.  Pea and I sanded it as a surprise for Peanut.

then a little rainbow of silk is in order to keep Doll warm

and some birds to lull her into sleep;

and that was all Peanut needed for some more magical playtime.

You never know what life will throw at you.  But I have come to understand over the years is that no matter how painful, sad, bad or unhoped for these events are, there is usually a grand scheme behind it, and a couple of months, years or decade later, you finally understand why this particular even took place.

We are right now in one of these turmoil of life.  And this time, I have decided to have a fresh and new look on everything that is happening to us.  I want to change my focus from half empty to half full, and right now, it makes a hell of a difference in how things are going!

This whole process and all of these changes makes us have to leave house and our beloved town.  We are thus right now in the process of finding a new one.    When we bought this house, we knew that it was for a limited amount of time, and although we were happy with our choice at the time, we are finding ourselves longing for something else, something that has a little bit more space now that we are a family of 5, but also something else that I couldn’t put my finger on until I read this book:

What has been lacking in this place is a soul.  We never managed to make a home out of this house.  I have no idea why, maybe because we never infused it, or maybe because this is not what we were looking for at the time.  But whatever the reason, I am now ready and most of all excited to be on our quest to find a place we’ll call home.

Reading this book was the perfect start to our journey, as it really inspired me to really search for specific things that we want to have in our new home. While I didn’t really learn any new concepts in this book, I really loved the fresh ideas, and seeing the process of a family making their nest, and what nooks and crannies are important to them and why.  It really made me think and analyse what is important to us in this next house, and also made me really imagine the kind of life I want to have going in there.

I was thus able to make a good criteria list, and put them in order of importance for me, and our family.  I sure hope this will help the process.  I try every night to see this home, and the faces that will live within it’s walls, and I hope that my dreams will come true, because we would have a heck of a good life 🙂

wish us luck!

Like every good thing, our babymoon as come to an end.  Today, Pumpkin is 6 weeks old.  I have a hard time beleiving that six weeks has passed since my little love’s arrival.  6 weeks of kisses, babywearing, rocking chairs, and having an angel fall asleep in my arms day and night.  It has been bliss.

I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am that we were lucky enough to have this little boy sent to us.  He is a blessing to me and our entire family.  They say that our kids have much to teach us, and I can say that this has proven to be true for us.  My first born son has taught us patience and tolerance!  But this one, has something to teach us about patience, and spirituality for sure.  I am sure he is somehow still connected to heaven, and he is sure teaching us about reverence and gratitude.

This morning was a hectic one.  But yet, he managed to fall asleep in the crook of my arm while I was rocking him, eventhough both Pea and Peanut were running around and making an aweful lot of noise.  He fell asleep calmly and peacefully, I saw both his eyes just close between 2 smiles.  And that moment made me cry.  I stared at him for the longest time, just still amazed at his presence and the serenity he made me feel looking at him.  I wish I could have stopped time, RIGHT THEN, for the longest time.

If only we knew all that we know after 3 kids when our first born arrives.  THis moment was a blessing, one that we often miss in the turmoil of the day.  And if I had not taken the time to just observe it, I would have completely missed it.  No fret, there will be other moments like that, I remember thinking when I had my firstborn.  And yet, now after 3 kids, I understand that no, there is not all THAT much other moments like that and that they should not be missed, because otherwise they are just lost forever.

And right after this moment, we all went outside.  While I was attending to Pumkin, I turned around to see Peanut riding her bike up to the street, put her helmet on, snap it, and off she was.  All of this, all by herself…and yet, I feel like it was yesterday that she was in that pram, all tiny and helpless.  It made me realize how times just goes too fast, and all of thoses moments that I spent with the other 2 are now a distant memory, and they will, sadly, become the same thing with him sooner then later.

If you don’t want your life to pass you by, you have to take the time to look.  You have to take the time to stop.  This time with my last son is for me really important.  And I will miss it very much.  It saddens me to think that I will vaguely remember this time, but not with the clarity that I wish.  Many of the thing that were our life a few weeks ago are now just a memory, things that I again, tought I would remember!  (Nipple pain anyone?)

Yesterday, ironically, I finished reading Mittens string for God, a book that I adored.  And it made me understand that I am not the only one to live through all the changes without seing them.  We only realize that something have changed once we look back, once it is too late if we didn’t stop to savor whatever life brings us:  “I suddenly realize how much that I cherished has slipped away even as I tried to give it voice, only to be replaced by new ways of doing and being.”  We have no power on time, and the fact that it makes us moves on.  But we do have the power to enjoy and cherish the present moment.  It is hard sometimes do remember that when we are in the heat of the moment, but we have to, otherwise, moments like the one I lived this morning, and that makes it all worthwhile just vanished without even being noticed.

If this post has a sad tone to it, maybe it is because that is the way I feel.  I am mourning the fact that I will never get a chance to meet a new tny little being that is the addition of myself and the man I love.  I will never get the chance to smell the sweet smell of my newborn baby, to have the chance to witness the first minutes of life of a little being, these minutes that have amazed me every time.  I will miss that time, a time that has taught me over the years that the best thing that I made are my kids and that my true purpose is to take care of them.  This is what I do best.

And I am scared.  Once they are all grown, once they don’t need me anymore, what will life hold on for me?  What is left in store for us mothers when our kids are gone?

WHile I am writing this, he is deep asleep right beside me.  I can see in his face the trait of the little man that I meet for the first time 6 weeks ago.  But I also see new features (like a 2nd chin… ) that tells me time is acting again, and that I must savor every single moments that I have left with him as a baby.  Off to do just that.