You never know what life will throw at you.  But I have come to understand over the years is that no matter how painful, sad, bad or unhoped for these events are, there is usually a grand scheme behind it, and a couple of months, years or decade later, you finally understand why this particular even took place.

We are right now in one of these turmoil of life.  And this time, I have decided to have a fresh and new look on everything that is happening to us.  I want to change my focus from half empty to half full, and right now, it makes a hell of a difference in how things are going!

This whole process and all of these changes makes us have to leave house and our beloved town.  We are thus right now in the process of finding a new one.    When we bought this house, we knew that it was for a limited amount of time, and although we were happy with our choice at the time, we are finding ourselves longing for something else, something that has a little bit more space now that we are a family of 5, but also something else that I couldn’t put my finger on until I read this book:

What has been lacking in this place is a soul.  We never managed to make a home out of this house.  I have no idea why, maybe because we never infused it, or maybe because this is not what we were looking for at the time.  But whatever the reason, I am now ready and most of all excited to be on our quest to find a place we’ll call home.

Reading this book was the perfect start to our journey, as it really inspired me to really search for specific things that we want to have in our new home. While I didn’t really learn any new concepts in this book, I really loved the fresh ideas, and seeing the process of a family making their nest, and what nooks and crannies are important to them and why.  It really made me think and analyse what is important to us in this next house, and also made me really imagine the kind of life I want to have going in there.

I was thus able to make a good criteria list, and put them in order of importance for me, and our family.  I sure hope this will help the process.  I try every night to see this home, and the faces that will live within it’s walls, and I hope that my dreams will come true, because we would have a heck of a good life 🙂

wish us luck!