After 2 kids, the “need list” for a baby is definetly smaller then when we first started out with children.  As a matter of fact, I was myself amazed at how I didn’t want (need) anything for this baby.  We already have the diapers, a matress, and baby carriers, what can a baby need more then that?

Aside of course of mama made things 😉

I have created something for each of my children before they were born.  And for some reason, in the midst of a really  REALLY hot summer, I decided that a blanket was in order for this baby…go figure…

I wanted something simple but also with a pattern and made with something that had not bathed in pesticide.  Since baby is due in july, it needed to be not too hot, but also usable in winter.

I choosed the “project linus security blanket” from the book  Knitting for peace and used Blue Sky Alpaca colorgrown organic cotton as yarn for this project.  Perfect project, perfect yarn.  Soft and delicious.  And since the pattern created holes in the knitting, it is perfect as a summer blanket, but the yarn also makes it perfect as a colder weather blanket.

and guess what, now that I am over with it, I am receiving orders for a redo  from the other 2.  They all want to snuggle with it, even at 30 degrees!!!

It was also on my list to do a silk pilot hat.  But the blanket took longer then anticipated, and so I decided to go ahead and get one to make sure that I wouldn’t be caught without one.

from a nice mama in Sweden.  This hat is so soft and luxurious, I absolutely love it.  But I seem to have a little time on my hand, so I might cast one on a size bigger, so that will be ready when autumn comes.

There is something in knitting while being pregnant that makes you feel just so good, but then again, for me, knitting always does 🙂

Next on the needles, something for Pea.  He has been wanting a mama made pullover forever, and he does need one for when school will start again.  Time to get working on this…well, when the heat comes down a little…