It is ready.  Everything is finally here.

I have a few things to print laminate and cut…(print laminate cute, print, laminate cut…does that remind you of anything?) but that is it.  Practical life and sensorial are ready.

Here is the sensorial shelf:

(head on to flickr I have sevral notes explaining what is where)

I bought these shelves a while ago at IKEA in the “as is” section.  Nothing was wrong with it, it was a demo.  I have always used it to put the kid’s stuff in it.  And now, it is serving it’s purpose perfectly again  for the sensorial section: low enough for the younger to be able to reach the material, and has just enough room for everything without being too big.  That was one god buy.

I will now be working on the math and language shelves.  I am wanting to look for bookshelves that we will be able to use later on for something else, and that is a tad higher, since the very young (i.e. our soon to be 3rd baby…) won’t really have to have access to these for a while.

After a good look at IKEA, I am thinking about those:

Where the lower shelves are large and long enough for larger items, and the higher spots can be use by me to rotate or organize other things.

Otherwise I am thinkg this:

that is very cheap, and could be reused in an office, garage or storage room.  There are lower shelves possible with this…

Both are made out of real wood, which is one of my first criterias…There are otherwise beautiful bookcases (lack and expedit) but they are particule panels, and I don,t want that in my house.  I know that kinda limit my choices…

I cannot wait to have them done, although I still have a while to go.  Some material needs to be done, and other to buy (think beads here…)