This was an easy project.

I bought 2 boxes that are stackable (easier to store…) at a dollar store.  Granted, they were 3 bucks each, but hey, that is 6 bucks.  Then, I used the little pieces of scrap wood that remained from making the ten and teen boards, and used those to create the separations in the box.

I had DH cut them really tight, and he glued them with carpenter’s glue (this is quickly becoming a must in here!)

Then I used some chipboard numbers, the same I have used for the number and counters.  Painted them black, and glued them with…yes, carpenter’s glue…( did I mention this thing is wonderful??).

Finally at that same dollar store, I bought 2 packs of wooden dowels. Never thought I would find that there, but it was in the craft aisle.  I had DH cut them at the same time as the wooden separations, so it didn’t ask too much of him 😉  .  I sanded the edge to make them more polished, and nicer to handle…and voilà.

The box was already coated with some varnish, but I didn,t do anything on the separations, and the spindles.  I could have, but we are rather environmentally mindful here, and the less toxic product around my kids and my house, the best.

I have pondered for a while as how to make those.  Why didn’t I use plastic?  Because we don’t have much of that in the house.  It would have certainly cut my production price, but we really do try to make environmental choices, and plastics have been, as much as humanly possible, thrown out the door.

So it must have cost me 8 $ total, the boxes being the most expensive items here, and it totally does the trick 🙂

I think it is a wonderful project to start yourself on.  Fast, and easy.

Hope that helps!