I have started to gather a few things and organise the basement, which is our designated Montessori area.

I am currently following an online Montessori course, where we are commonly studing the montessori method.  Currently, we are working on the Practical life album.

Practical life was already something close to my heart, and already establised for many things here.  So It was rather easy to put a couple of trays together.

I see practical life as an important part of homeschooling, and an easy part to do.  I have indeed put up some trays together, per the Montessori method, but there are many lessons that are given unformally, according to what we are doing and their current interest.

A few details:

Cleaning caddy

the beginning of the music corner (to be worked on)

the work table

The work mat (for now)

Temporary sensorial shelves


I have a 2 1/2 and a 4 1/2, and I clearly see a difference between them, which make it difficult, IMO, to make all of this work al the time.  Sometimes my youngest would like to imitate her big brother and is not quite ready yet, and that obviously frustrate her a lot.   This is something I am not yet certain of how to deal with.  And at the same time, I feel like the Practical life shelves are more geared towards her (DS has ben there done that a lot at school I think) and sometimes he changes activity a lot of time, and has a hard time to really settle in one work.  I have to start putting out things that are more age adequate for him.

Another challenge is to really keep their attention focused through all this.  In a school setting, you have the power of the group to keep you settled on what you are currently working on.  But here, there are many distractions, and they are with mom…It is hard to keep them always working on the material as they have been showed, and I have yet to develop tricks, and ways to acts when this happens.

time will tll I guess…