It has been forever since I updated here.

SO many things have happened, I am still in awe of how things can change quickly and just turn life upside down…

Good change 🙂

So I will merge this post and the WIP post (that should be wednesday, but that will be tuesday here instead…again part of all those changes…)

Because I am working on big things.  ONe in particular is a major undertaking..

THis is what I am working on… 😉

A little pumpkin is on the way (since that is pretty much the date he was conceived) for the end of july.  We are all extatic, and praying that everything will go smoothly this time, and that we will have the chance to meet this new addition, and we pray that he will be healthy.

and while time passes, and my body does it’s miracle again, I get some time to work on other things.

My latest acheivement is this:

much to the delight of Pea, who has been patient enough to see me work on this for a while now (I started before Christmas) and not play or even touch it before it was completed.  Well, I finally added the last touches to Zoe this morning, and was able to finally hand it over to her  very enthousiatic new owner.  Pea is happier that I have every see her be.  She just couldn’t put her down to have dinner.  She kept getting up to see if Zoe was still sleeping, if she was still there, and just to give her a kiss or even hug her.

making a doll like this is sure hard work, and time consuming.  But it is worth it.  Worth all the work, worth all the efforts, and not only to see the delight on my Sweet pea’s face, but because it is very satisfying inside.

I really felt good being able to give my DD a toy that she seems to cherish, that is made out of material I know, and feel good her having, and playing with.  It feels good to have devoted my time to create this, a doll that defintely has a purpose, and that will accompagny my daughter in whatever she does.

I am happy to be done, but most of all I am proud to have done it.  Who would of thought that this added bonus would add itself to the already happy result.  it really pushes me to do more, not dolls, but anything that is needed and might be cherished.  The process of creating really has a magical to it that you can only feel once you have acheived it.

She is not perfect, IMO, there is way too much hair, but hey, Pea loves it that way!

I used a pattern by Joy, while she was selling everything to close to out of business.  But if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t re-use this one.  There are details that I didn’t like in the construction.  The feet at THE thing that bugs me.  I would have like better to make tubular feet, and then reattach it at the leg to form the feet instead of having a seem that runs down the leg and that divides the feel in 2.  I also wish there was more details at the butt 😉  I ended up really creating buttocks with some embroidery thread.  But again, I am not fond of how the legs attach to the body, so this area is defintly not my favorite.  For the rest, the pattern was ok, but honnestly, there are as good pattern for free out there

I bought the fabric at Weir Dolls, and the yarn for the hair comes from Dancing rain doll.  They have kits of already mixed hair.  I used the quantity they send me, plus a small ball of 50 y to make the crochet cap, and it is almost too much.  I have to admit that the buns are inspired by Bamboletta.  I sewed the hair on top to have the separation effect, and I guess that is where I made my mistake of sewing a tad too much hair there.  But hey, live and learn.

Next on the drawing bord is Peanut’s quilt.  There is already a good amount of work done, but there is also tons left to do.  And since this is my first patchwork, quilting experience, this shall be exciting…