Some people on TBW have contacted me to find out how I made my calendar.  So here are the details.

I found this pattern originally created as a truffle box.  The pattern was a tad too small for what I had in mind, so I printed it enlarged.  (one pattern took about one page).  I  THen bought a snowflake shape cutter and a stamp that looks like little stars.  I got some silver ink, and some shinny silver powder.  I stamped all the bottoms and tops of the truffle box shapes, and then added the number.  Glued them to create the boxes per se.

Then I cutted the snowflake shapes, and glued 2 together on a toothpick. Then I embossed them with the silver powder.

I remove the snowflakes of the boxes that we have opened already.  So we know how many days till Christmas 🙂