After a few cold week, and even a full proportion snow storm (that I wasn,t ready for, mentally, or physically)  Mother Nature decided to indulge us with a few day of really great weather.  Some sun, and higher temperature made the last days really enjoyable.

Just right by our house, there is a small forest, a patch of wood, left untouch by the city, to our delight, must I add…And since it had been a while since we had the time to go, we all decided that this day was perfect for a walk there.

I shall say no more, a picture is worth a 1000 words…






What better way to celebrate autumn then to play with fallen leaves:

We used branches to make a leave pile that was ginormous to use Peanut’s words… and then, everybody jumped in


Pea hiding in the leaves:

And we ended our walk by playing on some trees trunk